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GPC "First Friday" Newsletter – July 2019

Dear praying friends around the world!

The first half of 2019 has come to a close. Israel is still in a “between-elections” season and needs our special prayer. The nations are facing several crisis situations around the world. But of course, every crisis carries the potential and the opportunity for repentance and for turning to the living God, the God of the Bible, the God of Israel.

GPC: Looking back at the first half of 2019

As for GPC, the first six months of this year have been extraordinary months. With my visit to East Africa and then to New York in April, the prayer conferences in San Remo, Italy, (May) and Jerusalem, Israel (June), my connection to the White House Council and the Latino Coalition for Israel, as well as the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast movement with their conferences in Jerusalem and Den Hague in the Netherlands, the prayer network has progressed to a new level. I am so grateful for how the Lord is building and strengthening the global praying remnant in general and specifically in the context of GPC! Hallelujah!

GPC: Looking forward to the second half of 2019

As for the second half of 2019, it is time for GPC to consolidate this network on several levels: Prayer, leadership and consultation, legal and financial structure, communication and fundraising. Please pray for me and the core leadership / advisory group to find wisdom, clarity and unity regarding these next steps.

Prayer for Europe

The European institutions and the European parliament are in the process of decision making regarding leadership – from the top levels down to the normal operational levels. These are very important decisions. Please pray that the Lord holds his hand over each decision, since He, the King of Kings, is the one who uplifts or downgrades people in authority. Please pray for Christians who love and respect Israel and the Jewish people to come into positions of influence. The Lord wants to bring Europe to repentance, grant revival and a re-connection to its Judeo-Christian roots. We could see a bit of this in the heartfelt response to the fire in Notre Dame, Paris, just a few months ago.

Prayer for the Chinese speaking world

I just talked to my friend David who is translating my book into Chinese. He mentioned his impressions from what the Lord is doing in Hong Kong, mainland China, Taiwan, etc. I also remember well the Chinese delegation at our conference in Jerusalem. The Chinese people and their influence are of great significance to the world and also to the Lord. Pray for the fire of revival and the fire of prayer to continue in this region of the world and that the Lord would increase the spiritual contribution of the believers in China. Pray that they continue to grow into their calling to world missions and to Israel – even in the face of much resistance and oppression!

Prayer für UN-Israel

As the September UN General Assembly approaches, please pray for the Israeli delegation and their chief diplomat, Dany Danon. Dany recently gave an extraordinary speech before the Security Council. He shared the four pillars for peace in the Middle East, the first one being the recognition of the Bible! You can watch his speech here. Please also pray for us as an editorial team regarding UN-Israel relations - that the Holy Spirit continue to lead us into a fresh approach to research, grant us discernment and help in the distribution of prayer relevant information.

Prayer for Africa and others

We learned from our African brothers that the African Union (AU) is in a process of change, also regarding Israel. Some of the dominant Islamic leaders, like Gadhafi from Libya, are no longer in power, Christian nations are becoming stronger and, with the latest positive developments in the US (Trump) and even within the Arab world regarding Israel, many AU nations are reconsidering their position regarding Israel. May the Lord raise up Christian Heads of State to take the lead in this process.

Of course our friends from the Latino Coalition for Israel as well as from the nations of Eastern Europe need special prayer support because in those countries, as well as in a number of African nations, there is a high potential for the move of their embassies from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

First Friday videoclip for July 2019

Finally, I want to recommend to you my First Friday videoclip for July 2019. It is longer then usual. It contains my teaching session at the GPC conference in Jerusalem, where I talked about the Biblical context of Jesus’ teaching on the “Sheep and Goat nations”. I believe that it is a vital end-time teaching regarding the Lord’s criteria for His ultimate judgement of the nations and, for us as intercessors, a vital revelation for effective prayer for our nations at such a time as this!

Have a blessed summer season!

Shalom, in HIM,
Harald Eckert, Founder Global Prayer Call


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