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GPC "First Friday" Newsletter – September 2019

Dear praying friends around the world!

I have been in Israel with a German prayer tour of almost 20 people for the last ten days. It has been a very substantial tour, praying for Israel and for German-Israel relations.

Israel preparing for elections

As most of you know, Israel is preparing for her next elections (September 17th) after those in April 2019 did not result in a functioning coalition and government. This is the first time in Israel’s history that this has happened. It is a time of uncertainty and the enemies of Israel are trying to take advantage of the situation. This is especially true for Iran and their allies, namely Hezbollah and Hamas. Please continue to pray for God’s hand over the land, its leadership and its security. Please pray for the plans and schemes of the enemies of Israel to be exposed and thwarted in time. Please pray for the elections - that a government will come forth which best serves the redemptive plans and promises of the Lord for Israel.

Praying for EU-Iran

The tensions between Israel and the western world on the one hand and Iran and its allies on the other are growing. Iran is testing the West to see how far it can go in developing its nuclear program without provoking outright war. The way Iran is playing the game is by trying to split the West, especially the US and Europe. While the US is increasing pressure on Iran, Europe, under the leadership of Germany and France, seems to be quite willing to act against the strategy of the US-Trump-government and take pressure off of Iran. The current monitoring report by Josias Terschüren gives deeper insight into this matter.

From a spiritual point of view, it is clear that the EU is increasingly driven by an Anti-Semitic, Anti-Christian agenda. In addition, Germany’s traditional friendly ties to Iran / Persia seem to cause some “blind spots” regarding the Mullah-regime.

  • Please continue to pray that the evil schemes of Iran and its Allies keep on being exposed early. Let’s praise the Lord for the great job the Israeli Mossad is doing in this regard. May the enemies of the Lord and of Israel be confused, in disunity and in disarray.
  • Please pray for the European institutions which are just now being established, after elections in the spring and the summer break in the month of August. May the Lord position those who respect Israel in places of influence and help them to be “salt and light” in their respective positions.
  • Please pray that, by the grace of the Lord and the presence of the Holy Spirit in EU-Israel contacts, an atmosphere of revelation, trust and a deeper understanding of mutual values and interests will open up and grow deeper.
  • Please pray for the new British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to receive both supernatural wisdom on the Brexit-issue and courage to strengthen the ties between the UK and Israel. If the UK and the Eastern European nations move towards Israel, this may provide a chance for the EU as a whole to reconsider its position regarding Israel. May the Lord give the EU, especially Germany and France, room and grace for repentance and reconsideration!

Praising God for Honduras

We are praising the Lord for Latin American Honduras being the next nation to open its embassy in Jerusalem! This was an answer to the prayers and efforts of many Christians in the Americas. And it was impressive to see how the Honduran president publicly honored God and Israel as God’s people in the opening ceremony.

Continuing to pray for Africa

Please continue to pray for those African nations who are working on improving their relationships with Israel. The recent visits of Rick Ridings in Uganda and of Harald Eckert in Togo included meetings with high level government officials who were strongly encouraged in that regard. Uganda is in the process of deciding whether their new embassy should be opened in Tel Aviv or in Jerusalem. Please pray for President Museveni of Uganda to become more and more steadfast in his conviction that the opening of the Ugandan embassy in Jerusalem would be a blessing for Uganda. Please pray for the government and the president of Togo to be encouraged and strengthened as diplomatic relationships with Israel are revived. Pray that they recognize the value of playing a key role in inspiring other nations in the French-speaking part of Africa to deepen their relationships to Israel as well.

Next GPC conference in Jerusalem, June 5-7, 2020 – mark your calendar!

The next GPC conference in Jerusalem is scheduled for June 5-7, 2020, following the “Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast”. Please “save the dates” in your calendar!

May the Lord bless you as you pray for your own nation and other nations in their relationship to Israel!

Shalom, in HIM,
Harald Eckert, Founder Global Prayer Call


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