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Celebrating the 68th anniversary of the rebirth of Israel with the First Lady of Uganda

In a way, the conference kicked off the Sunday before it actually began: Drake Kanaabo, Chairman of Christians for Israel, Uganda, invited the Israeli ambassador to Kenya (also responsible for Uganda), the First Lady of Uganda, the Foreign Minister of Uganda and diplomats from about 50 diplomatic missions to Uganda for an evening event celebrating the 68th anniversary of the rebirth of the state of Israel.

A few days later, just as the conference began, the major national newspaper of Uganda dedicated nearly a full page to this event. Reading Genesis 12,3 - where God promises blessing to the nations that bless Israel and calls Israel to be a blessing to all nations - in combination with this newspaper article, in which the Israeli ambassador publicly described the Uganda-Israeli relationship as growing “from strength to strength”, was the perfect beginning for the conference. It was clear that Uganda is recognized and honored as a “role model” and example for many other African nations. It was also a great encouragement to the praying church in Uganda to continue to pray for good Ugandan-Israeli relations - even as the next highlight of this relationship comes into view. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is planning to visit Uganda in July of this year to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Entebbe rescue operation where his brother was killed in action. But his death was not in vain. The Israeli hostages were rescued out of the hands of the terrorists and the terror-supporting regime of Idi Amin. How Uganda has changed over those 40 years by the grace of God!

Teaching on Evangelism and on Israel as avenues of blessing for a nation

Drake Kanaabo is called by some “The African Reinhard Bonnke”. He has proclaimed the gospel in over 50 nations using a strategy very similar to that of the German Evangelist - large “gospel-crusades” on the open field or in big stadiums. In fact, the two Ministries have worked together in a number of eastern African nations. His contribution to the conference was teaching about Evangelism. Harald Eckert shared his insight into the biblical teaching on “sheep nations and goat nations” and how Uganda remains under the protection and blessing of God by walking in the spirit of a “Sheep-Nation”.

The first GPC-session introduced the “Global Prayer Call” in its three major dimensions: 1) Revelation and teaching on “Israel and the Nations”. 2) Understanding  the “Times and Seasons” in which we live from a Biblical as well as a prophetic standpoint and discovering God’s divine calendar and what it means to us as praying believers. 3) Maintaining  a mentality and lifestyle of “networking and partnership” between leaders, between nations and between continents. Harald also called for a “special partnership” between Europe and Africa for the blessing of Israel and with a potentially global impact.

Action highlight: Press conference and the distribution of thousands of books and flyers

The conference (with up to 600 participants) closed with two highlights: A national press conference and a ministry of anointing, commissioning and blessing. In the national press conference, Drake Kanaabo emphasized that Uganda has been blessed but should not grow lax with regard to the preaching and promotion of the gospel and at the same time should stay faithful in blessing Israel. If the church of Uganda stays strong and faithful in those two areas, God will continue to bless Uganda and even use this nation as a source of stability, protection and blessing for other neighboring countries like South-Sudan, Burundi, Ruanda, Congo and Tanzania.

After the conference: The GPC council for Africa was formed

For GPC, this first conference after 2015 was a milestone in many ways: It made an impact through a conference of national relevance and significance. It continued the German-Ugandan partnership in the footsteps of Reinhard Bonnke. It acknowledged, confirmed and reinforced the excellent cooperation between Drake Kanaabo, leader of Christians for Israel in Uganda with the Israeli Embassy of Kenya/Uganda on the one side and the government of Uganda on the other side. And, in the wake of this conference, a next step was taken: A pan-African council for the GPC was established.

How YOU can support the GPC-work in Africa

In this new season, Africa is key to the first phase of development of the “Global Prayer Call” for a number of reasons:

  1. Africa – a unique spirit of prayer has developed in the living Body of Christ - often in the midst of suffering.
  2. In the nations and regions of Christian revival the Christian population is often the strongest and most reliable segment of society. Many leaders, including political leaders, come out of this move of the Spirit, and even non-Christian national leaders have a high level of respect and appreciation for this segment of society.
  3. On a continental level, especially in central Africa, the question of who will prevail is still an open issue: Will it be the Spirit of God bringing revival and a renewal and blossoming of society, or the spirit of Islam. Here, the Biblical revelation of Israel and the relationship our nations have the people and the land of Israel is key.

Online video-training-seminar available starting in October 2016 – A great tool for a 10-week seminar that can be used individually or in your prayer or Bible study group.

The core teaching of the book “Israel, the Nations and the Valley of Decision” will be published in October 2016 as a freely accessible 10-part video-online-seminar for all those interested in learning more about this highly relevant and significant prayer topic.

In 10 units of about 25 minutes each, this seminar is especially useful for prayer groups, home groups, Bible studies and anyone who prefers watching and listening to reading. Professionally produced, these 25 minute video sessions with Harald Eckert will draw you into a deeper understanding of this key end-time Biblical revelation leading up to the Lord's return and his judgment of the nations in the valley of decision. Although not yet widely known and appreciated, this teaching is none-the-less central to the wellbeing of all of our nations.

The 3rd and expanded edition of the GPC-book will be available in July!

Many readers from all continents have testified to the eye-opening effect of Harald Eckert’s book entitled “Israel, the Nations and the Valley of Decision”. With his easily understood clear logic and deep understanding of the Scriptures, Harald helps the reader understand the deeper meaning behind the “valley of decision” in Joel 3 and the parable of the “sheep and goat nations” in Matthew 25.  On that basis, God's mandate to the praying church becomes abundantly clear.

The first 16 chapters of the book, the teaching part, are followed by articles by five other highly respected authors giving their perspective on the significance of a nation's attitude and actions towards Israel and the Jewish people. Finally, in the third part, a practical prayer guide helps you pray for Israel, for your nation and for the praying church worldwide. Please check our website to find out how to order your copy. Please note: Those who order the book before July 1st will receive it at a discount pirce of 9,95 € instead of 12,95 €!

Please also note that translations of the book are available to download at no charge in as many as nine other languages. 


Check out our new GPC-website

Are you curious? Would you like to know more about who is behind the “Global Prayer Call”, what happened in 2015, what our vision and teaching is and how you can get involved? Please visit our newly developed website. If the Lord has touched your heart with what you have read up to now, you will find an abundance of additional inspiring information there.

For example:

You will find a wealth of information about the 100 days of prayer and the related conferences as well as information regarding our future perspectives and planned next steps. In addition, you will find background information about GPC-Founder Harald Eckert and his understanding of the Biblical mandate for prayer and why, from an historical point of view, the God of Israel would choose Christians from Europe to take the lead in this call to prayer. 

You will also be introduced to the book “Israel, the Nations and the Valley of Decision” and other resource materials and find out how you can get connected and keep informed about the latest GPC developments and plans.


The “Global Prayer Call” dynamic continues!

“The 70 year period after the end of WWII came to a close last year, but the 'valley of decision' is still ahead of the nations”

The “Global Prayer Call” – a call for prayer for your nation and its relationship to Israel – continues on. About one year after the “100 days of prayer “ ended with a remarkable prayer-conference in Jerusalem in May 2015, Harald Eckert, the initiator of the “100 days” says: “The 70 year period after the end of WWII came to a close last year, but the 'valley of decision' is still ahead of the nations”. We have to pray and call others to prayer until Jesus comes back!”

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